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Amanda Zimmermann

I'm a Writer & Designer


Amanda Zimmermann is a novelist, content creator and editor for several blogs. Many childhood hours spent imagining life as the pirate captain to a crew of stuffed animals transitioned into creating elaborate tales as a teenager. Pursuing a career in writing seemed like a positive use of these great powers — and as they say “with great power comes great responsibility.”

In order to kill time until her untimely end, she spends her free time writing fantasy and sci-fi novels, blogging about and writing video games, comics, books, and leveling up her knitting skills for the end times.

In an effort to add more credence to her writing career but not wanting to disrupt the comfort of her sofa, Amanda enrolled in the online Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA program at Full Sail University from which she graduated despite her best efforts to avoid deadlines. In addition to that accomplishment, while continuing to surf the cushions, she had her short story Into the Depths published on Smashwords and completed a novel titled Hymns of Angels Don’t Sound Like This.

Amanda weaves emotional tales of the supernatural, sweeping space operas, and jaunts through post-apocalyptic wastelands in hopes of ensnaring readers. She currently lives in Michigan with five cats (named after an inventor, a spy, and various foods), her dog, and has two more novels in the works including Wicked Blood, a story of angels and demons, and The Elementals, an epic tale of magic, prophecy, and an ancient evil.

Creative Writing


Graphic Design


Executive Air Transport, Inc.

Administrative Assistant

• Constructed and maintained aircraft maintenance logs, tracking sheets, and work orders for a variety of aircraft models. • Created and filed paperwork, wrote and submitted legal documentation of work performed to the FAA, and created and edited inspection checklists and documents. • Designed and maintained the company website, graphics, and marketing documents. • Tracked payroll, labor, and profits monthly - generating reports and charts to show fluctuations.


Freelance Writer & Proofreader

Worked on several copyediting and proofreading projects; including a biographical interview collection and a published novel.


Virtual Assistant

• As a virtual assistant, I research and adapted topics for articles, blogs, and social media for a variety of clients, from home interior blogs to articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine and more. • Analyzing data from social media sites for several different clients and imputing that data into spreadsheets for review. Writing and scheduling daily social media interactions for a variety of clients and topics. • Copywriting & proofreading dozens of articles & blog posts each month


Barista Trainer

• Created custom beverages for dozens of customers a shift in an intense, high-volume work environment. • Assisted in marketing presentation. • Trained new employees.


Assistant Manager

• Supervised a staff of 6 employees, • Promoted good business practice. • Trained and delegated daily tasking and set up weekly marketing. • Received and processed incoming and outgoing shipments. • Managed scheduling, deposits, and special events.

Old Things


• Developed foundations for a small, start-up consignment shop. • Managed the loose leaf tea business - including buying, managing purchasing accounts, and running community events and learning workshops. • Ran marketing campaigns and managed the social media outreach for events.

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Muskegon, MI

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